Who we are

We are a small yet very effective team of dedicated people with a long history of application-specific development for large customers in the domains “Logistics and Postal Automation” and “Document Management”.

Based on our profound knowledge of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing in business-critical customer applications we have developed a lightning-fast OCR engine which enables us to extract and digitalize a maximum of information in real-time on mobile devices.

We are passionate about finding innovative and highly efficient solutions for our customers. We systematically use and permanently improve one single product, “StreamShot”, to implement and to deploy specific solutions for a whole range of domains. Our approach guarantees an agile development at the highest quality standards and performance values.

We regard our customers as partners enabling us to develop novel applications. We enjoy solving our challenging problems in an open and cooperative atmosphere with a pleasant environment at the lake of Constance, Germany.



recosys Recognition Systems GmbH
Turmstr. 16
D-78467 Konstanz
phone: +49 7531 804 81 94
mail: contact@recosys.com